What is 3-way odds? Tips for playing 3-way handicap to win quickly

3-way betting is a form of betting that is very familiar to football enthusiasts at online betting floors. However, not all players know how to play 3-way odds and calculate money when winning this bet. In the article below, Bookmaker Trang chủ New88 will reveal to you this basic information, revealing the experience of playing 3-way odds to win big.

Find out what is 3-way odds?

3-way handicap, also known as 3-way handicap, is a variation of the popular Asian football handicap today. The rules of playing 3-way odds do not allow odd handicaps of 0.5, 0.75 or 1.5 like Asian handicaps, but only handicaps of 1 draw, 2 draws,…

Similar to Handicap bets, 3-way bets will be offered in each match based on the house Odds displayed on the daily betting board. Odds rates are always changing every day, continuously increasing or decreasing before the match, and even adding new odds when the match takes place.

What bettors need to do is calculate carefully to choose the appropriate bet with the highest probability of winning to “catch money” from the 3-way bet.

Instructions for playing 3-way handicap betting at New88 Bookmaker

At New88 Bookmaker, the 3-way bet is considered by players to be quite simple, even “new players” participating for the first time can understand it very quickly. Similar to how to play Asian odds, 3-way bets are divided into 3 types: 1st Half, 2nd Half and entire match bets.

  • First Half Odds: The win or loss result will be based on the results of the first 45 minutes of the first half. You bet on 3 options: win – draw – lose.
  • 2nd Half Odds: The final result is calculated in 45 minutes of the 2nd Half, there are still 3 bets: win – lose – draw for both teams.
  • Full match bet: The result is calculated into the final score of the entire match at the end of 90 minutes and there are still 3 similar bets as above.

Calculate the 3-way bet when winning a bet

3-way bets have the same winning formula as European bets:

  • Winning amount = Bet amount x New88 Bookie’s payout ratio

In case you participate in a 3-way handicap bet but due to force majeure the match cannot take place, New88 Bookmaker will refund the bet to the player’s account.

In the C1 Cup match between Sevilla and Salzburg, you bet on the Sevilla team to win 1 handicap and draw the whole match, Odds ratio 1.8, bet 2 million, the result will be calculated as follows:

  • Sevilla wins against Salzburg with a difference of 2 goals or more: bet wins.
  • Sevilla beat Salzburg with a score difference of 1 goal: bet lost.
  • Sevilla draws or loses to Salzburg: bet lost.

Winnings = 2 million x 1.8 = 3.6 million.

Experience in 3-way betting with high probability of winning

Understanding the rules of 3-way betting is not enough to win, you need to gain more experience from the experts to have a higher probability of winning.

Choose to play coordinated bets

In addition to the 3-way bet, you should choose other bets depending on the match situation to avoid losing everything. You should take the time to watch the entire match from start to finish, choosing to combine multiple bets according to the odds table offered by Bookmaker New88 to win the most.

Learn carefully about the two teams

Before participating in 3-way betting, the most important thing is that bettors need to find out the current status of both teams. Include:
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  • Playing form, list of members participating in the last 5 matches to see if they won or lost, how are experts assessed.
  • The team’s playing frequency must not be too continuous. If you are tired, your ability to win will decrease.
  • Evaluate the number of penalty cards and situations that occurred on the football field in previous matches to choose the team with the most stable and calm performance in the match.

Monitor the house’s Odds fluctuations

Odds score fluctuations are given by Bookmaker New88 based on expert opinions, depending on the developments of each match.

However, this ratio is often a “trap” for the house, you need to analyze carefully to avoid participating in the unlikely 3-way bet. Absolutely do not be greedy with bets with payout rates of x5, x10 because the probability of winning is very low.

With information about 3 door bet, the game rules and bonus calculation are shared by Bookmaker New88 from A – Z above, you can completely feel secure to participate and win big rewards. In New88, we always update the reasonable odds table for every football match every day, you should follow it continuously to choose the right bet!

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