Some Bridal Alternatives To Saree

For many brides, the saree remains a harmonious dress that imitates femininity with the help of ornaments. However, sarees no longer captivate your fancy and appeal to your aesthetic sensibilities. Do not despair, for all is not lost. There are plenty of stylish and comfortable wedding shoes that can be worn for your first wedding.

Punjabi Suit: The Vibrant Choice

The above outfit, the Punjabi suit, also known as the Salwar Kameez, is popular for its lively and comfortable designs. The stubborn embroidery and lucid colors of a Punjabi suit are designed to give you an out-of-the-ordinary look while making you feel comfortable all through the occasion. The traditional dress for women is also a suit comprising of a kurta or tunic top with a salwar as loose pants and a dupatta to cover the chest area. It is perfect for those who have specific preferences since it can be made elaborate and complex, producing a glamorous look, or minimized in stature and complex design to create a classic look.

Sharara Suit: Elegance with a Twist

This is a conventional wedding dress that has a tinge of a modern look due to the lower part of the attire’s cut. This outfit includes wide-legged pants that open very wide from the knee, making them look like a lehenga skirt to the naked eye. Whether worn with a long or short kurta and with a dupatta draped on one’s shoulder, the sharara suit for women is said to fit best in pre-modern dressing style and modern fashion. It is ideal for brides who wish to have that glamorous touch while honoring their traditional practices.

Lehenga Choli: The Festive Flair

Lehenga choli, an Indian attire for brides, is ideal for women who want intricate designs on their clothes and bright colors as their theme. It comprises a pair of loose-fitting trousers (salwar), short tight blouses with a fitted-up waist-length kameez, over which a dupatta may be worn across the shoulders, leaving the back open. Moreover, it gives a feeling of dignity and grandeur even while indulging in different activities such as dancing.

Anarkali Suit: The Royal Ensemble

One would feel royal and poised when dressed in an Anarkali suit, which is ideal to wear. For the attire, add a free, flowing tunic that reaches the knee and attached trousers or leggings, which may be heavily adorned by beads or embroidery. This concept has its roots in the Mughal era and is preferred as it’s quite pleasing to the person wearing it, depending on gender.

Gown: The Modern Twist

For brides who want something unique, a dress can be a great idea. It’s completely appropriate for modern style. Indian bridal wear combines Indian embroidery and fabrics with modernized styles and textures. Depending on your taste and preference, it may be as simple and classy as a bolted door or an extremely complex and ornate structure.

Final Words

Although a saree remains a classic, it’s always fun to experiment with other kinds of traditional clothes for your wedding. Always remember, you do you on your wedding day, or any day for that matter. Choose your comfort and desires before your mom asks you to put down the sneakers under your lehenga. A wedding is your day; you get to enjoy it no matter what society’s norms are.

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