The Greatness of Genshin Cross Platform Play

You can hate Genshin Impact and Hoyoverse for many different things, but cross-play is not one of them. While their cross-play systems aren’t perfect, they are still well and high above many other games that try to do the same thing. You can seamlessly swap between multiple different platforms to play however you want, be that a PS4/5, PC, or Mobile. So, let’s get into specifically why this is awesome!

It’s worth noting that even if Genshin Impact didn’t have such robust, seamless Cross-Play available, you could still play on all platforms by finding a Genshin Impact account for sale for whatever Genshin Impact platform you wanted to play it on when switching, meaning that you wouldn’t have to go through the story and content again!

Being able to choose what you play on

Sometimes we just want to stay cozy in our beds, playing something on our Playstations or Phones. Other times we want to be Sweat-Lords that try-hard on our PCs. However, for most games out there – we don’t have a choice of switching up whenever we want to change how we want to play our games.

Example situations

If you want to play God of War: Ragnarok – You’re going to have to turn on your PS5 and TV, that may or may not be in the same room where one of your family members or a significant other is sleeping and you don’t want to wake them up, so you decide not to.

If you want to play CS:GO, you’re going to have to play it on your PC – and maybe you’ve been working on a PC/Laptop for the whole day so sitting in chair for many more hours isn’t that appealing.

Maybe you want to play a mobile only game with a bigger resolution and better graphics because you don’t have a good phone…


Now, while all of these can be mostly resolved through other means, such as buying Playstations newest ‘Toy’ – the PS Portal, they aren’t complete solutions. You’ll always face some kind of barrier to entry (Such as “wasting” 300$ for the aforementioned PS Portal).

Hoyoverse and Genshin Impact Cross Platform Play

This is why Hoyoverse have done the impossible before many others have joined the bandwagon of seamless cross platform play (like DE has done with Warframe recently), and allowed players to play on their phones, their tablets, their playstations, or their PCs from the get-go with one account. Wherever Genshin is available, you can play it and continue your progress from where you left it on other platforms. It’s beautiful. Simply beautiful.

Issues with Hoyoverse Genshin Impact Cross Platform

Now, while all of the above is nice and dandy, Hoyoverse/Mihoyo’s Genshin Impact cross platform campaign was not without issues.

One of the more notorious examples of how it isn’t without it’s issues is the availability of Top-Up services.

Namely, in order to use their Top-Up services, you had to buy them on the Genshin Impact platform that you registered your account with. This meant that if you registered through a PS4/PS5, you would always need to top-up through it.

They mended the issue a bit by allowing players to buy Battle-Pass/Welkin Moon, and to top-up through their website, but it still isn’t perfect.


Genshin Impact cross platform play is amazing, and more single and multiplayer games should have these seamless systems in place to allow us to play wherever, whenever we want.

Aside from that little fumble with purchases (which could always be circumvented through using Genshin Top Up Services), this system is amazing.

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