What is Lotto? How Much Should You Eat? How to Play?

Slot lot What is that? Many players wonder what the jackpot coefficient is and how to determine winning or losing. If fellow bettors also have similar questions about how to play this lottery, the following article will provide all the information you need. 

What is cross lotteries?

Cross lottery is one of the popular ways to play lottery with high reward coefficients, fluctuating depending on the number of crosses you choose. For the easiest visualization, cross 2 means the player chooses two numbers at the same time, cross 3 means choosing three numbers at the same time. Similarly, the 4 5 skewers also gradually increase according to that formula. However, people mainly prefer 2 and 3 skewers because other types of skewers have low winning rates.
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Besides lotteries, lottery numbers, and undercards, cross lotteries are also a form of betting that you should try. Investing one dollar, you can earn many times more profit if the numbers the player has chosen are in today’s lottery table. This general information can be a bit difficult to visualize, so we will clarify more about how to play cross lottery right below.

How to play lottery? 

  • The first step is for players to choose a reputable bookmaker to register to participate, then own an official account to play lottery.
  • You choose the “Lottery” section, most bookmakers offer this form of betting.
  • There are 3 popular stations: Northern lottery, Central lottery and Southern lottery. Encourage players to choose the northern lottery to increase their odds of winning.
  • Next, in the row below, you will choose “skew 2”, or skewer 3, skewer 4.
  • Place a bet by choosing two numbers at the same time, for example 88 and 99.
  • In the left frame, the player enters the bet amount for each card, the system will automatically calculate the total amount the player must pay. For example, if you choose 1k for each number, the total payout is 2k (for 2nd cross).
  • Check one last time and click “Place bet” to let the dealer record your lottery numbers.
  • Come back at 6:15 pm and wait for the northern lottery results.

How to predict cross lottery results?

To win the lottery, players should apply statistical and computational methods to find potential numbers. Introducing to you some ways to predict success as follows:

Lottery prediction

Selecting numbers with low probability in many recent results draws, that is the definition of lottery prediction. Statistics do not need to be done manually like before because there are now many other modern statistical methods. Just visit the lottery agent’s website and there will be a “Lottery” feature for you to refer to and find the lucky numbers. 

Check the general topic

Players will apply the total calculation method for the jackpot prize of the most recent lottery drawing. If you choose Binh Dinh station to play parlay 2, go back to last week’s prize table and calculate the total by adding the numbers of the special prize. 

For example, last week’s Binh Dinh lottery result was 010300, so adding up we have a total of 04. To play lottery number 2, players will bet on the number pair 04 – 40 and wait for the results to be announced at 5:15 p.m.

Some frequently asked questions

Statistics of some of the most frequently asked questions about the 2nd, 3rd and 4th parlays are as follows:

Is playing lottery easy to win?

The requirement when you play 2-way parlay is that both numbers must appear, the probability of this case is quite high. So players can rest assured and experience this interesting way of playing lottery. If compared with 2-way betting, the 2-way bet has a significantly higher winning rate. In return, the reward coefficient will not be as high as playing lottery.
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How much is the winning lottery coefficient?

The higher the reward coefficient means the lower the appearance rate. So please pay attention to choose the most suitable way to play! Update the average payout rates of bookmakers as follows:

  • For par 2, the player will be paid 17 times more than the original amount spent.
  • For par 2, the player will be paid 65 times more than the original amount spent.
  • For par 2, the player will be paid 250 times more than the original amount spent.

Learn about cross lotteries and information such as how to play, how to predict and some frequently asked questions. The purpose of New88 By sharing this article, it helps new players to understand what the concept of skew 2, skew 3 and skew 4 is. Surely players already understand this sport well, please practice immediately by accessing the bookmaker’s link to register to open an account and participate in betting.

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